Wednesday, February 25, 2009


im waitin for ur call..
ur txt...
im desperate for ur voice..
ur jus full of silence...
im still waitin for ur call..

its been a long time u didnt check out my blog..
its been a long time we didnt spoiled each other..

i love wen u were head over heels over me..
same goes wit me here..
most of my blogs is jus for u..
im no good in conversation..
im no good wit good bye's
im not good wit introductions..
but i am good wen it comes to loving u..

i still love u anyway i can..
i dont noe bout u..
can u live without me?
can u live without hearing my voice?
do u miss me?

im not perfect baby..
im jus nia..
who loves u dearly..
even if ur full of silence..

i dont give a damn wat people said..
i stay positively waitin for u..
until u realize how empty u are if im gone...
how dull ur life is witout me..
but i will always love u..

coz i knoe u can keep a secret too

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I’m calculating what’s left inside me
When everything I left were my life and my dreams
And every time you were proud of what you were not
This is the truth and it’ll be a history
I gave you everything, I gave up my life and they were all for you,
you’ve ruined everything!

I gave you everything and I gave up my life
And they were all for you! (And they were all for you)
I wonder what went wrong, it became like this
when I’m not pretty sure (No, I’m not pretty sure)
After all the crossings we’ve been through,
it’s not suppose to be like this. Why?

And every time you’re fucking proud of what you’re not
I hate the truth but still it’ll be a history
I swear you will know this somehow
Before it’s too late and dies
Realities are so complicated

I wish to see the truth shines brightly in your eyes
It’s even for me, and even for you
Just try to understand…
You and me, yeah I remember,
Look how we were meant to be!


coz i know u can keep a secret too

Sunday, February 15, 2009

wonderful 2009

nia : bby tanq for coming here
him: ur welcome..i miss u..
nia : me too..i miss u too..
him : syg wat date is today...
nia : 08.02.09
him : ok...tomorow 09.02.09
nia :ok....wats up wit tomorow...?
him : tomorow is OUR day
nia : (smile happily n melting all over u dat nite)
him : kt sini org x KACAU ke?? x kene tangkap basah ke?
nia : nk tangkap apemende nye...penuh je gn budak2 kecik cm toyol lari sana sini..
him : hehehe..a'ah rmai family kt sini kn??
nia : a'ah! SYG!!!!! KETAM!!!!!!!!
him : hehe..die nk dtg kt kte ke??

(both of us dah ready get set dah nk lari cm lumbe lari plak jus becoz of dat tiny agak kelakar jgk la..hehehe)


coz WE know u can keep a secret too

xoxoxo niaa
<3 u

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

yes darl..

nyamuuuukkkk!!!!! bodoh kau nyamuuuuuuuukk!!!!
da la suke isap darah aku...
ape masalah kau...??
ade aku kacau idop kau ke?
ade aku gi bunuh anak bini kau ke...(owh yaa!!!! bru terigt..ade..hehehe)
kunk aku spray kunk...
tiap2 mlm kau menjamu selera gn darah ku..
da la x bayar gaji..
mkn free je...
pantang btol aku tido je ko gget aku..
saket tau..
da la gatal...
nyamuuukkk lesbian plak tuuu...

f.y.i : only female mosquito sucks human bloods and the male mosquito sucks the juice of fruits...(edit by national geography)

aaaaaaaaa........leave me alone.....

coz i know u can keep a secret too

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

i saw u..i touched u..i smell u...u were so irresistable

ade satu sindrom..
iaitu "sindrom aiman"
i nvr met him..i dont even noe him...but his sindrom spread across until in penang...
it all started with 'him'

nia : baby..
him : ye syg..
nia : kte nk g mane?
him : xtau u la jad tour guide i arini..
nia : wooo skrg i jad plak la...slalu i je..
him : i ikot je...
nia : u ikot je baby?
him : a'ah..
nia : ape2 pon u ikot i je? btol??

here comes da sindrom...

nia : btol nie syg?
him : ape erk?? (smile blurrrly)
nia : nape erk??? ikot je kn...
him : ape erk???
nia : huh?
him : nape erk? ape erk?
nia : nape erkkkkkkk? (with a very2 meaningful smile)
him : hehehe.......i da terjangkit da gn aiman..aiman kelakar gler kalo lepak gn die...sakit prot gelakkan die je...
nia : ape erk???(tanda perli)
him : syg!!!!!!!! eeeee....
nia : nape erk?? (noty smile)
him : syg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

heheheheh...gotcha back baby...benda2 mcm nie i cepat je

i love u..hehehe..malew la...hehehe

coz i know u can keep a secret too