Wednesday, December 2, 2009

my on off friend

i had a crush on u once..
it was a summer fling..
i really like u..
but im not that sure i do fond of u..
ur always 24 7 attention seeker, u were often surrounded by gurls who loves ur personality
eventhough they knew that ur such a TOTALLY FULL TIME SWEET TALKER..

u'll contacted me every time u r around the corner and giving me EMPTY PROMISES to meet me..
f.y.i i was really really looking forward to spend time with u..
i never wanted to admit it cause u r my friend i dont want a stupid consumption to take us apart i like being ur friend but u never thought of giving me a chance to show who i really am..
because u were too busy ATTENDING OTHER GURLS..
im always here for u anytime u needed me..
we would gossip for hours bout other gurls and some of ur friends too..

we meet again..
u were so cute kinda like SKINNY CUTE with ur kedahan accent (lg pekat dri i lg)
I NEVER THOUGHT THAT I WOULD LIKE U cause i know ur a jerk thus a pervert too..
i dont mind..
ur giving me hints that was so disgusting like "ur always there for me and i love that bout u"
we love each other's company..
we talk like nobody business and doesn't give a DAMN bout others.
u never TOUCHED me like u did with other gurls..
thats what i like u..

im happy for u cause u have someone special in ur last..
i read all ur post..
tears roll through my cheeks unexpectedly..
i never thought of u in that of LOVEY DOVEY WAY
i just realize that i do really like u huh....
but i cant..
because IM JUST UR FRIEND............

nisa and bear u know who he is...

i know u can keep a secret too

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


even ur in several relationships u still gonna have to learn every single detail of it..
how does it works
how does it flows..
how does it mean..

sometimes we thought that we know what we want actually we dont...
its jus full of emotions..
if u think it back by using ur only brain n not ur heart...
people jus say ur a ROBOT..
but if u do use ur heart...
people wud jus say ur jus a SILLY person...

no matte what it takes or no matter how many u told ur probs to ur frens...
they r thousand of opinions dat u will have..
u still have to make ur own decisions...
its not easy to be a PERSON WHO IS IN LOVE....
ur us in deial..u noe da consequences..
u noe what u have to do..
u noe everything of it coz u have experienced it...


i know u can keep a secret too

Thursday, October 29, 2009

u tink dat ur megan fox?

u expect people to say ur howt..
u expect people compliment u..
u expect people to love u..
u expect people dont hate u..everybody likes u?

common get real..its not easy to be HOWT..

i know u can keep a secret too

Saturday, October 24, 2009

normal boys always drool

gurls used their smart buns to find their way out of sumting..

guys?? wat did u used? hehehe....

i know u can keep a secret too

Sunday, September 27, 2009

time stops everytime u smiles

sweats nervous happy giggly kinky and turn on...
all... at da same time...
wat is dat??

bushy!!!!! get out of my shirt!!!
f.y.i bushy is my horny cat..

i9 know u can keep a secret too

u felt like hot choco wit freezing vanila mint ice cream

can i hug u??
how does it feels...

ur so far away...
i missed u like a little gurl missing her imaginary fren wearing a red thong..

i know u can keep a secret too

pemuda yg soleh

u seem so perfect outside..u would never hurt me..

u jus did..! jus a minute ago..

i know u can keep a secret too