Wednesday, December 2, 2009

my on off friend

i had a crush on u once..
it was a summer fling..
i really like u..
but im not that sure i do fond of u..
ur always 24 7 attention seeker, u were often surrounded by gurls who loves ur personality
eventhough they knew that ur such a TOTALLY FULL TIME SWEET TALKER..

u'll contacted me every time u r around the corner and giving me EMPTY PROMISES to meet me..
f.y.i i was really really looking forward to spend time with u..
i never wanted to admit it cause u r my friend i dont want a stupid consumption to take us apart i like being ur friend but u never thought of giving me a chance to show who i really am..
because u were too busy ATTENDING OTHER GURLS..
im always here for u anytime u needed me..
we would gossip for hours bout other gurls and some of ur friends too..

we meet again..
u were so cute kinda like SKINNY CUTE with ur kedahan accent (lg pekat dri i lg)
I NEVER THOUGHT THAT I WOULD LIKE U cause i know ur a jerk thus a pervert too..
i dont mind..
ur giving me hints that was so disgusting like "ur always there for me and i love that bout u"
we love each other's company..
we talk like nobody business and doesn't give a DAMN bout others.
u never TOUCHED me like u did with other gurls..
thats what i like u..

im happy for u cause u have someone special in ur last..
i read all ur post..
tears roll through my cheeks unexpectedly..
i never thought of u in that of LOVEY DOVEY WAY
i just realize that i do really like u huh....
but i cant..
because IM JUST UR FRIEND............

nisa and bear u know who he is...

i know u can keep a secret too