Tuesday, December 30, 2008

tears are liars...

im a liar..im a sinner..im jus a normal gurl trying to understand life itself but get distracted in the way..
i try to figure out why im like this. i dont like to be other than me..
let me be me..why do i have to do or obey or do what other people thinks or says..y?
y we have to do all those thigs jus to proove how high u r or try to make urself feel better?
u dont even treat urself rite..u dont love urself how do u wanna love others??
u despise urself first..u have been a hypocrite all your life including me..y?
all these question started with 'why'....y?
do u have any answers for my questions now? no...
i envy people with good characteristic n live life fully extreme and they dont give a damn wat other tinks..
i envy people who have good hearts n have their natural abilities n talents to compose to write their own synopsis n endings in their life..
i envy people who in charged their own life n faith for their on decisions without feeling regreting afterdat..
i want dat...i noe dat i cant have everything i want..da way dat i chose to be..da way i wanna write it to be..
dis is my story..
dis is my novel..my own climax my own verse...
i shud be da leading lady in my movie..y shud i be da supporting actor..???

coz i know u can keep a secret too

selamat away 2008

empty inbox messages
empty save messages
empty phonebooks
empty sim card
empty back up memories
empty sweet memories...
empty heart
empty me.......

bubye 2008...im gonna miss u..

coz i know u can keep a secret

Sunday, December 28, 2008

tall dark n handsome

i wear my eye liner..
i wear my lip gloss..
i wear my mascara..
i wear my blusher..
i wear my heels..

for u...

i even wear my push up bra..

coz i know u can keep a secret too

Friday, December 26, 2008

twister game

ur turn..
put ur left hand to da right green
my turn..
put my right hand to da right red
ur turn..
put ur left leg on da right yellow
my turn..
put my left hand on da right green..
ur turn..
put ur right leg on da right red..

owwhhh myyy...we're stuck on each other..

but i did fall..alone..
no more hide n seek games for me anymore..

coz i know u can keep a secret too

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

yak yak

ade sesetgh org dikategorikan bermacam2 atau pelbagai jenis atau karenah org kalo diorg nk yak yak or uuk uuk or beyak...dlm toilet tu tuhan saje la yg tau ape die uat kn? heheh..
based on my experience n observation dat i predict wat most people do at dat time is:

1. diorg minum kopi dlm toilet
2. diorg bace buku
3. smoking
4. mkn roti
5. bace paper or magazine
6. sms n colling org laen (perlu la nk gtau ur doin bussiness)
7. menyanyi
8. meneran sambil membuat pelbagai ekspresi emosi dan sebgainye (yg x perlu tau detail)
9. dgr lagu dri handfon
10. berinteraksi dgn kwn sebelah toilet lg..

begitulah care nye org2 melancarkan proses pembuangan zaman sekarang..hehe

p/s : kids dont try this at home its very DISGUSTING...heheh

coz i know u can keep a secret too..

Thursday, December 18, 2008

ewah ewah suke suke die pas pas kn..

KENE TAGGED!! ngn budak segan afif
mule nk menyeksa aku la tu..

1. What is your full name?
y da hell u should noe only my real frens noes

2. Names that people call you?
NEYA (bdk2 sengal)
NIAA (bdk2 chumel je)
NURUL (sek men sudey)
IZZATI (sek ren jeeez)

3. Born date/place?
19th octo....hijau kuning..

4. Your fav color and why?
rainbows becoz they r my frens

5. Quality you seek in a guy/girl?
erm..not now..tgh sore pasal resutl..

List it!

1. 5 of your fav hangouts and why.
BILIK KU (becoz i feel safe n xjumpe org yg x diingini)
CINEMA (so i can b invisible)

2. 5 of your fav guys and why.
papa (mahkota hatiku n heroku)
afif (abg seriusku)
abeng (abg sengalku)
khairul (coz i know u can keep a secret too)
erry (penjageku)

3. 5 of your fav things to do.
free art

4. 5 of your fav tracks.
smue yg bole goyangkn kepala n bontot n my whole body lah

5. Go ahead, tag 5 people.
afif (haha..kene tagged lg) >=)
swimmer (i know u ade blog..bg la ur url..xaci la)


1. Your phone.

2. Your bed.

3. Your room.
lebiy dari 5 bintang lah..my secret chamber

4. Yourself.
get to know me then u know 1st..dont simply judge people dat u dont know..i really2 despise dat..

5. Your addiction.
full of L.O.V.E

xoxoxo niaa

i told u this before but u wouldnt listen

im sorry mama papa
i let u guys down..
i didnt mean to..
i didnt expect to be like this..
i regret it..i wish i bole replay or rewind ke ape yg jad..
no words dat can describe how i feel..
tap im ready to face da consequences..
plz look at me again..

coz i know u can keep a secet too

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

if i could mama..how i wish..

mama : aaaaa...boring nye..nape mama rase moody je?
nia : nape mama? r u ok? maybe it has been raining all day je kot...
mama : papa is working n he will b comin home late..huhuu im sad kite x bole celebrate over dinner la...
nia : nant i try pujuk papa k? mama plz cheer up its not good to be gloomy on ur bday..nant kerut2 nant kunk..nk jadi tue x..hehehe
mama : memandai je kamu tu..
nia : mama, abah da blik.. (it was 9pm)
mama : syg..mama boring kter x kuar one whole day pon..n dis is da boring-est bday ever.. papa u da letih tgk die pon mama da letih..die da orkestra brape session da tuu n hembus trumpet..heheh
nia : mama..kite bole amik maker lukis mke abah nk x? hehe
mama : nurul izzati x baek uat kt abah mcm tu tau..!!! (la skali aku kene mara jgk..adoi..)
nia : mama im sorry i can gave u da best bday..i dont have money to buy u sumting or to spend on..im still a student..im sorry mama..i feel bad..i bole bg u ape yg i mampu je mama..
mama : syg..its ok..mama phm..i know u want da best for me..i know syg..

(we cried together for about 10 min n hug each other..n then continue lukis muke papa gn maker n colgate)

mama happy birthday is 16 december..ur 44!!!
i love u wit all my heart..
u r my only one and nobody can replace u mama..
ur my best fren when im in need
ur my shoulder to cry n satu kepala bler time gler2..smpai papa pon pening gn karenah kite..
i love u too papa..but....
im sorry mama..
u know dat i really meant dat i can gave u da best bday ever..in future i will mama..
i promiz u with my heart n soul..
u will have da best bday ever..dgn izin allah n panjangkn umur mama n murah kn rezeki mama...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

mencari zombi di tugu..

him : if u da smpai text me k?
nia : ok yunk i will..tapi i takot..
him : kalo u takot x pe la..x yah la dtg..
nia : i da otw da pon..tap its so far..im scared..
him : xde papela..im here kn..
nia : u kt sane..im in da car alone driving in da midle of da nite..seeing tings n smelling tings dat i shudnt have

nia : i da smpai da..
him : k..im here..

u come to me wit ur scooter.. u look so cute with ur helmet but wit a worried face..u look like an 8yr old boy ridding his tricycle trembling trying to control it from falling down..hehehe
u smile..ur hands felt so cold against my hot cheeks..i feel safe..

nia : u where r we goin?
him : kite jumpe my frens kt tugu k?
nia : tugu? kt mane tu? kt sini ade tugu ke? bkn k.l je ke ade?
him : hehe..ade je..later u will see k?
nia : u..gelap gelita nie..i cant even see ur face..where r u taking me?
nia : u!!!!!!! tolong!!!!!! u jgn rogol i ok?? i really gonna kick ur ass....if u do
him : hahahaha...u nie..ngarot la..ni la tugu u..there!! my frens kt situ..
nia : u..yg nieee...bkn...bkn...tugu ke nie? r u sure is tugu?? nape i nmpk mcm..........
him : iye..tugu..nape? nmpk mcm ape?
nia : serius yg ni tugu? nape ade batu nisan nie?? wattttt!!!!!!!! ni bkn tugu u...ni ni ni..
him : ape? kubur??
nia : u!!!!!! gler!!!! korang xde tmpat laen ke nk g lepak..kubur jgk!!! uat pe kt sini?
u nk ur frens : cari zombiiiiiii!!!!!!!!

hahaha..it was an experience..dat i will nver forget..i miss dat nite..mmg gler la..jantung ku nk luruh mlm tu..da la gelap..da la aku sorang berjantina perempuan!!!!!

coz i know u can keep a secret too

so kiss me..

Yes, you want her
Look at her, you know you do
It’s possible she wants you, too
There is one way to ask her
It don’t take a word
Not a single word
Go on and kiss the girl

My, oh, my
Look at the boy too shy
He ain’t gonna kiss the girl
Now’s your moment
Floating in a blue lagoon
Boy, you better do it soon
No time will be better
She don’t say a word
And she won’t say a word
Until you kiss the girl

coz i know u can keep a secret too

Saturday, December 13, 2008

the last goodbye

him : u..nk hugg..
her : dlm mimpi u je..hehe
him : im serius..nk hugg..im goin for a long time..
her : ok..i pusing blik..if u x hug i jgk i pukul u..hehe
him : ok
him : u..jgn rindu i tau..
her : kenape???
her : u??
her : where r u??
her : u..its not funny..i pusing balik k..
her : serius u..stop playing games..
her : u..plz...talk to me..where r u??
her : i cant see u..where r u?? plz..plz...(sobbing)
him : its ok u..im already watching u from up above........

she stop the car n watch the moon all nite on his birhtday..stars flows shinningly through her dimples with a smile..

Friday, December 12, 2008

***~fairy god mama~***

bippidie bappedi boo..

i can grant u any wish if u wish sumting for urself..
but i cant grant u a wish if u wish sumting if its for me..

im jus da middle person who helps others but i cant even help myself..
if u r searching for love..
im sorry plz dial for cupid but not da fairy god mama..
becoz i didnt find my true love yet...

i hate people who make prank calls to find happiness..
u noe wattt?? fairy god mama too have their way to kick ur ass if u do it...
yeah u hear me..
kiss my ass..here come da fairy god mama wit attitude!!!!!

hugs n kisses:

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

snap snap!!! welcome to da reality...

i loose..
u won..
me vs u..
da trophy is??? u have her...
i cant have u..

coz i know u can keep a secret too

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


i miss u
i miss u
i miss u

i still miss u even its already 3years waiting for u...
but ur jus blind by others beauty, but not mine...
im beautiful too if u know me well...
im very fond of u in secrecy...
hiding in my own words telling everybody bout u...
they know its u...
u know its u...
and y am i still waiting???

but its just all in my dreams...
will u make it a reality?

coz i know u can keep a secret too

anger management

u feel u wanted to break sumting into pieces
one by one shreded them into dust
u feel throwing sumting around n it really really feels good
u feel u wanted to scream until ur voice cord breaks
u feel u wanted to climb on da top of da hills n jump from da cliff into the sea
u feel like to poke urself wit a needle n look how red is da blood is

but all of this is jus a FEELING dat u cant express it bcoz u dont have da voice and da authority to speak out bcoz ur jus a daughter n da only child in da family..

coz i know u can keep a secret too

Thursday, December 4, 2008

the voluptious curves

three little words dat can be really BIG
dat people forget these days BIG time!
why we have to differ da BLACK n WHITE?
and da BIG n small?
or how many kg's dat we've put on n how many inches dat expand jus after eating a GRAPE?
dats sick...

we should know sumone from the inside and their credibility thus their wonderful personalities.
people are very different in every way from every angle..
take it as an adventure in ur life..
there r no harm done by doing dat..
people wit curves do have feelings n fantasy n dream to be wit a sumone they wanted..
CHANCES is da it thing now..
have u ever thought bout dat?

dont be such an egoistic maniac dat think dat urself r so beautiful...
bcoz others' r more gorgeous and exquisitely delicious than u r...

coz i noe u can keep a secret too

Saturday, November 29, 2008

wat goes around comes around

him : u on9 gn sape?
nia : gn my fren je..die ade prob..
him : sape die huh? kenape on9 gn u mlm2 mcm nie?
nia : his jus a fren..we've been frens since sem 1...wats up wit u all of a sudden?
him : xde la i've told u b4 if i txt u..i dont one anyone ganggu kite..i jus wanted to spend time wit u.
ke die bf u? or im jus one of ur frens?
nia : f.y.i ur not my bf anymore n yes we r fren..did u forget?

y do u have to be so jealous..once u had me..we have our own romantic drama..i loved u b4 so much i was crazy bout u..but u jus dont appreciate me..im not a doll dat u can play my heart wit and a puppet to obey its master's wish..im jus one of ur collections in ur picture gallery dat u can bribe urself to ur frens..but u never gonna have me back..ur half heart is belong to me..but my heart never was with u..
now im jus a pretender..n its my time to laugh at ur comedy drama..
i dont belong to anyone..i dont belong to u especially u..not u...I BELONG TO MYSELF..

coz i know u can keep a secret to

Friday, November 28, 2008


we love the rainbow..
we can stare at the rainbow for a very long time..
we feel gay wen we look at the rainbow..
we love the rainbow..
we dream about the rainbow..
we talk to the rainbow..no matter there r smiles, tears or dimples..
we wanted the rainbow badly..
but the rainbow comes suprisingly..

and do the rainbow know's how we feel bout it?

have u ever think?
we wanted to touch the rainbow so much but until when can we touch it???
replace the rainbow wit he/her...


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

1st never ending date

romantic movies
hershey's kisses
pillow fights
holding hands
small talks under da stars
and lots of small hugs big hugs small hugs big big big hugs


hehe..the end

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

bla bla bla bla

ur annoying...watever u say i hear bla bla bla..dis is wat i look like when im bored wit u...deal with it..take it or leave it..u rugi kalo u x dpt i..its not me who is pathethic..its u...smack on da face!!!!!!! how does it feels???? ask urself 1st rather judging other people then...
(actually i xde pape pon nk ckp..saje seronok nk uat drama je..kikiki..im bored..i cant feel my ass...coz lying in my bed for da pass 2 days..damn it!!!!)

Monday, November 24, 2008

mr bad news

i use all my senses wen im wit u..
hear, smell, speak, touch and searching...
i turn 'ayu' wen im wit u..im not myself wen ur around..im disturbia wen ur far away...i become delusional over u..semester break has begun n im gonna be missing u badly..i cant say it out loud coz ur not mine to stay..yes i jus realized dat ur not mine..even ur having fun wit ur peeps n u maybe have 'her' even i didnt noe 'she's' exist or not,but im still here and hopping..
ridiculously niaa...u can say dat again...ridiculously niaa..
but im definitely not obsessive bout u, im versatile..

coz i know u can keep a secret too

air ais water

nia : ice water 1 kak
waiter: huh ape?
nia : ayaq aih kosong 1 (loghat kedah)
waiter: ooowwwhhh aih kosong..

da service was really good she did bring me
ICE N GLASS BUT NO WATER...adoi..nvr mind..and i ask for teh 'o' ais..

nia : u..i nk tmbh ais la tolong panggey kak tuu..
him : kenape?
nia : i nk tmbah ais la..da cair.nanti x cedap..
him : nooo..u batok.xbole minum ais..
nia : alahhhh...
him : sebenarnye i pon nk tmbh jgk..hehhe
him : air..
nia : huh? ape tu?
him : ye lahh...die sejuk tapi x sejuk..coz ais die da cair...

u make me laugh even im tinking bout my dad watch...i laugh really hard..coz it sounded really ridiculous..
hehehe but i like it..


u sejuk tapi sebenarnye u x sejuk..
u x panas tap u sejuk n suam at da same time..
ur neutral on da top but at da bottom ur such a
'sweet talker'
ur sweet coz u have da
'sugar' dats melting over u..

dats wat u called
''TEH O' AIS''...


Friday, November 21, 2008


everytime we're happy they will be sumting crap will happen...saya terlompat-lompat bersuka ria pda mlm bbq tu ku memakai jam kegemaran ku a.k.a
pinjam jam bapaku (saja je nk gedik2 nk menunjuk) kononnye mhl..tap x mampu nk beli gn duet sendiri..hehee along da way flirts.comedy.romance.fooling ourselves is included dat nite..if u wanna join come n subscribe wit me together..n mlm tu berakhir tepat pada pukul 10..lalu ku berlari2 menuju ke mobil kerna sudah telat mau pulang ke rumah..i didnt realize dat i make a huge mistake n disaster will fall upon me da next day..

i woke up early in da mornin wit a smile on my face n joy coz my parents wasnt around so im free to do anyting i want etc etc...by da time i wanna have lunch wit my gals..ku tercari2 jam ku
(jam bapaku) x de....x de....x mungkin..x de....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!
tercari2 selama 2jam berturut2 dlm kete luar kete dlm bilik dlm hanbag dlm bilik blik!!! gi panati cari balik...tergolek golek aku di pukul oleh tiupan angin yg sgt kencang pd ptg tadi..tap ku x dpt ketemuinya..kekasih gleap ku yg slalu dekat di tgn ku a.k.a
(jam bapaku) n i went out for a date n it was sux becoz jam bapaku 24 7 dlm otak je...

so i ignore my date entirely left him alone n feeling guilty coming towards me...coz aku tau bapaku itu seorg yg sgt sgt sgt tegas..
n i t was da time dat i have to face da truth i tot dat my dad wuld smack da words on my face..i told him da truth n i had goosebumps all over me looking like
ikan buntal n that was it!!!!!
my dad jus smile n laugh n he said..alah...nk uat cmen ilang da..i was shock to death coz my dad didnt twist me like a pretzel...he said next year u owe me a
CITIZEN watch then..i was so happy!!!
but at da same time..im in bribery parliment under both of my parents.. (so kids dont try dis at home, is very dangerous) hehehe...n if i bribe him evry year wit a watch he wuld be a
very very very very satisfied man!!!!! theres go my guess jeans.. damn it!!!!

da moral of da story is..."biler happy tuu berpada pada la...jgn terlampau nant satu mase nanti kite akn menyesal x terhingga" n as da old folks said" jgn suka sgt nanti nanges jgk akhirnya nanti..." (pdn muke sendiri)


Monday, November 17, 2008


"The course of true love never did run smooth."
William Shakespeare

"There is no remedy for love but to love more."
Henry David Thoreau

"For you see, each day I love you more, today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow."
Rosemonde Gerard

"It takes a minute to have a crush on someone, an hour to like someone, and a day to love someone -- but it takes a lifetime to forget someone"
"If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they were always yours. And if they don't, they never were."
by niaa

Sunday, November 9, 2008

-ur annoying little brat-

everytime u hug me i feel u n i will fall asleep in ur arms while hear ur heart beating..i akan tido lena wit ur smells dat oooozzzzssss me until im become a social dreamer every nite..u tman i dlm mimpi tonite..i open my eyes..and ur gone...forever...can i have u?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

-kueh kura-kura-

Rmai sahabatku suka akan kueh kura kura ini..tap diorg xtau name sebenar identiti nye ape..
sgt pelik dan misteri ye..bole dikatakan 50% x tau ape name kueh yg penuh dgn peristiwa yg seram disebaliknye..
Pada satu hari sebelum kepulangan ku ke mahligai singgahsana ku..di perjalanan yg sgt panas dan cahaya matahari merabuni mataku..perut ku meragam sambil telinga ku mendengar sayuan radio "KATE TUNSTALL"..pemain musik kegemaran ku...(promosi artis ckit)
ku sudah tiba di depan perkarangan mahligai ku..TIBA-TIBA..ku terbau suatu bau yg sgt menggoda sehingga ku tidak sedar bahawa titisan air langit turun membasahi tubuhku.."oh wangian siapakah ini yg telah mengaburi segala tindak tanduk ku...oh tidak...perut ku memulas sambil memikirkan bauan ini"..kaki ku melangkah satu persatu sehingga u meng-enter ke kwsan yg paling forbidden di antara kwsan di uma ku iaitu the kitchen. lalu aku menoleh kiri dan kanan sbg tanda berhati-hati sebelum melintas di jln nya..hehehe...lalu idong ku menunaikan kerja nya dgn mencari punca bauan yg sgt taksub itu...yaaaaaaa!!!! aku sudah ketemui nya...bentuknya sgt aneh dan pelbagai warna...koko? hijau? apakah ini? bentuknya sgt ganjil..sgt bulat dan mempunya isi dlm perot nya..ada yg bercankerang, ada yg berbunga..adakah ia bunga? bukan!!!! adakah ia penyu? mcm ye...tap x de kaki..xde kepala...aaahhh!!!! tapi ape yg ku tahu adalah ia bole dimakan...dan perot ku meronta ronta hendak merasakan nya..tap ku menahan diri ku untuk memkn penyu yg ganjil ini...
lalu ku menyahut bonda ku..."mama~ kueh ape nie? colour ijau koko n lembik2 nie mama??? eeeeeee....mcm penyu je? mama tangkap mane mama? tap kenape colour koko ni ade daging cili plak?? colour ijau mcm ade liquid je?? bole mkn ke? hehhee...
lalu bonda ku turun dan ketawa terbahak-bahak melihat gelagat yg menggeli ati nya..sambil menjawab setiap persoalan ku sehingga tersedak dibuatnya.."nurul~tu kueh sayang..nape laaa kamu nie naive sgt...tu name nye KUEH CARA..ade ke binatang..adoi...mama slalu je uat utk nurul..tau mkn je bdk nie..." muka ku turn red disebabkan jawapan bonda ku itu..lalu ku pon tertawa teringat kn reaksi2 muke ku yg sgt aneh..maybe kerna ku sgt lapar kot time tu..hehehe..tap cedap glerr~ lah kueh cara tuuu!! p/s : MORAL OF DA STORY IS....wahai kwn2 ku kueh yg korang mkn yg colour ijau mcm penyu tuu bukan kueh penyu name nye..yg tuu lah KUEH CARA...kt pasar mlm slalu je jual..cari lah...sedap!!! kueh tradisional sejak turun temurun dlm family nia... BTW CERITA YG MENYERAMKAN NIE WHEN I WAS 15..NOW IM 20...so i kenal da lame ye...hehehe


Monday, November 3, 2008


Once I had a secret love
That live within the heart of me
All too soon my secret love
That i wanted you to notice me
And it become impatient to be free
So I told a friendly star
That dreamers often do
Just wonderful you are
And why im so in love with you
I played hide and seek with you
So you can play along too..
Now i shout it from the highest hill
Until it landed through your ears
Even told to the golden daffodils
At last my heart's open door
And my secret loves is no secret anymore
Now i say it out loud
in front of u with proud
that im in love with you all so long
but i said out loud
just through my glassy eyes..
everyday every min of the day...
At last my secret love is not secret anymore
denially in love:

Friday, October 31, 2008

two joker face

the absurdity that runs through our mind day by day is unreal..its just a fantasy..kite gi class we have to face them one way or another is jus like a deja vu but the problem is ITS A REALITY..everybody is a hypo!!! tap smue x sedar je..or saje2 kononye x sedar..KITE SELALU CKP " I BUKAN HYPOCRITE" guess wat ur already prooving it now...smack u in da face...feels like shit kn? "I XSUKE DAT GURL/BOY, HE/SHE IS A PLASTICS" and what r u now? "IM JUS GENUINE" bullshit...
evrybody has their own TWO FACE..jus to cover up their on floss..to be popular as the good guy..or mr nice guy..jus to win a gurls heart..bler da couple bout 3 yrs bru tau kan yg mane busuk n wangi.

fren : niaa,u nmpk kurus la skrg..r u on diet?
niaa : x laa..jus been exercise lately..
fren : tapi kan kenape u nmpk burn je..
niaa : i baru je finish my golf selection aritu dats y la..kenape erk?
fren : eh......? xde papela jus asking.... (hypo alert!!!!!! ur busted)

sekarang tau kn kalo kte borak gn org tu..nmpk sgt kehipokritannye itu...tolong la berubah...sedar ckit ko tu ape kurangnye..pegi la cermin diri u tu dulu before u want to say sumting... tap hypocrite dtg dari bnyk segi...mcm2 la cara nye...but there are pros n cons in dis world...and ur FACE AND UR MASK TELLS IT ALL...especially ur eyes..there are two side in our faces tap korang sedar x half of our face on da left side is da DEVIL'S FACE and on da right side is our ANGEL'S FACE.

coz i noe dat u can keep a secret too..

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


-jack ass juliet-

guess wat?? this is my freakin first ever blog eventhough im very tradisional doing all my diaries in a DIARY BOOK.....if u noe wat it is la..
yey!!!! i sgt rindu u walaupon u x tau kewujudan i di mata dunia nie..TAP u kwn i..tap u x tau i suke u..
it was 1st sem n then now..u dgn i same2 xknal...but we both noe our each other's name..
tapi xtau tuan punye bdn tu sape..funny kn?
sumtimes i tink its such a cliche dat we knew it then...
we knew out name bergabung dgn bdn empunya nye bler 4th sem..
btw sgt sgt lah lumppy!!!!!
i biase txt u n all n we went out sekali je...i was really really happy...u were really fun,nice n nice n nice...n funny!!!
if only u realize it..but i wuld nvr tell u.. shud i wait..but if i wait...ITS JUS FEELS LIKE WAITING FOR A RAIN DROP IN A DESERT..it was all in da past..maybe for u is noting..so im moving on now..
deal wit it...