Friday, October 31, 2008

two joker face

the absurdity that runs through our mind day by day is unreal..its just a fantasy..kite gi class we have to face them one way or another is jus like a deja vu but the problem is ITS A REALITY..everybody is a hypo!!! tap smue x sedar je..or saje2 kononye x sedar..KITE SELALU CKP " I BUKAN HYPOCRITE" guess wat ur already prooving it now...smack u in da face...feels like shit kn? "I XSUKE DAT GURL/BOY, HE/SHE IS A PLASTICS" and what r u now? "IM JUS GENUINE" bullshit...
evrybody has their own TWO FACE..jus to cover up their on be popular as the good guy..or mr nice guy..jus to win a gurls heart..bler da couple bout 3 yrs bru tau kan yg mane busuk n wangi.

fren : niaa,u nmpk kurus la skrg..r u on diet?
niaa : x laa..jus been exercise lately..
fren : tapi kan kenape u nmpk burn je..
niaa : i baru je finish my golf selection aritu dats y la..kenape erk?
fren : eh......? xde papela jus asking.... (hypo alert!!!!!! ur busted)

sekarang tau kn kalo kte borak gn org tu..nmpk sgt kehipokritannye itu...tolong la berubah...sedar ckit ko tu ape kurangnye..pegi la cermin diri u tu dulu before u want to say sumting... tap hypocrite dtg dari bnyk segi...mcm2 la cara nye...but there are pros n cons in dis world...and ur FACE AND UR MASK TELLS IT ALL...especially ur eyes..there are two side in our faces tap korang sedar x half of our face on da left side is da DEVIL'S FACE and on da right side is our ANGEL'S FACE.

coz i noe dat u can keep a secret too..

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


-jack ass juliet-

guess wat?? this is my freakin first ever blog eventhough im very tradisional doing all my diaries in a DIARY BOOK.....if u noe wat it is la..
yey!!!! i sgt rindu u walaupon u x tau kewujudan i di mata dunia nie..TAP u kwn i..tap u x tau i suke u..
it was 1st sem n then now..u dgn i same2 xknal...but we both noe our each other's name..
tapi xtau tuan punye bdn tu sape..funny kn?
sumtimes i tink its such a cliche dat we knew it then...
we knew out name bergabung dgn bdn empunya nye bler 4th sem..
btw sgt sgt lah lumppy!!!!!
i biase txt u n all n we went out sekali je...i was really really happy...u were really fun,nice n nice n nice...n funny!!!
if only u realize it..but i wuld nvr tell u.. shud i wait..but if i wait...ITS JUS FEELS LIKE WAITING FOR A RAIN DROP IN A was all in da past..maybe for u is im moving on now..
deal wit it...